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First published in 2001, The Judgment is a thriller novel written by DW Buffa. The book's gripping thriller mixes crime investigation and legal thriller in the plot. The thrill in the story begins when a judge was murdered. People then think it was nothing more than a regular homicide case. The police caught the murderer. He was a homeless man and he committed suicide soon after being taken into custody.

After that, another judge was being murdered in a similar manner. The police caught the killer, which was another homeless man. At this point, defense attorney Joe Antonelli became suspicious. He believed things were not the way it seemed. So he offered himself to defend the guy being accused for the murder. While doing so, he underwent an undercover investigation to crack the case. And, this investigation led him to a seemingly impossible conclusion.

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No one had a more brilliant legal mind than Judge Calvin Jeffries. And no one cared less about the law and more about power. That is, until Jeffries is found murdered in a courthouse parking lot. The crime shocks the community, but justice is swift. Jeffries's killer is caught, confesses, and then unexpectedly commits suicide in his jail cell. The case is closed.

Soon a second judge is stabbed to death under identical circumstances. This time the suspect is a homeless derelict who doesn't even know his wn name. Like the Jeffries murder, the killing appears to be an open-and-shut case, and a copycat crime as well.

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Author: D.W. Buffa;
Genre/Subject: Legal Thriller;
Language: English;
PDF Pages: 410;
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