Nick Spalding - Life with No Breaks PDF

Nick Spalding - Life with No Breaks PDF

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Life with No Breaks is a humor book written in one sitting within 30 hours by the British comedy books author, Nick Spalding. The book is in itself an interesting piece of work because of the insane, unique process used in creating it. The writer has seemingly forced himself to write a book in one sitting, presented any inspiration crossed his mind in that process, and it makes things more or less exciting.

Nick Spalding's Life with No Breaks, which in full is entitled Life…with No Breaks: A Laugh Out Loud Comedy Memoir, is more or less Spalding’s personal project in exploring the possibility of creative processes of writing. With no plans, blueprints, or concepts, he sat in front of his computer with some coffee, snacks, and cigarettes near him, trying to type as much words as he can through his keyboard and stay as long as he can.

A long the way, he asked the readers to be his friends that will accompany him through the processes. It then turned into a long conversation. He shared with the readers things he liked, things he hated, and things he was afraid of. He also shared his views on many things in life, from the TV programs and how people like to see unfortunate events happened to others, to family and marriage and kids, and even to his fear of sponge!

Some of his views are delivered in humorous way and some of them might feels touching for the readers who stay with him through this book.

*Preview of Nick Spalding's Life with No Breaks*
Nick Spalding tried to write a book in 24 hours. Turns out that’s impossible... it took 30!

He had a dull, drizzly weekend to kill, so made a start on the book he’d been promising to write all his life... and had it finished by midnight Sunday.

You’ll laugh out loud reading his odyssey of non-stop writing, in a selection of anecdotes, asides and stories... all dredged up from an over-stimulated brain functioning on caffeine, nicotine and the occasional chocolate biscuit.

The book is a conversation with YOU and with Nick you'll venture into the thorny topics of love, life, sex, horribly timed bowel movements and a deathly fear of sponges (among many other things).

After you've read Life... With No Breaks, you may never look at the world the same way again!

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Language: English;
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