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First published in May 2014, All the Light We Cannot See is a 2015 Pulitzer Prize winning novel for fiction. The historical fiction book was written by American author Anthony Doerr and following its publication, it stayed on the New York Times Best Seller list for 58 weeks. The novel presents a compellingly wonderful story about a girl and a boy from different backgrounds whose life paths then come across each other.

The story in Anthony Doerr's All the Light We Cannot See focuses on a girl named Marie Laure. She is the daughter of a French man who works as the master of locks at the Museum of Natural History in Paris. She becomes blind because of cataract when she is six. Her gifted father then creates a miniature model special for her. The model represents their neighborhood in amazing details, so she can learn and memorize her surrounding with her fingers. When she is twelve, the World War II is reaching French and the Germans occupy Paris. Both father and daughter run away from Paris and find refuge in Saint-Malo, while carrying the museum’s most precious and probably dangerous treasure.

The boy is Werner Pfennig, an orphan German boy who has spent his rough childhood in a mining town with his sister. Upon finding a radio, Werner and his sister become captivated by it. As he grows up, Werner develops a great talent at building and fixing radios. This ability delivers him to a extraordinary position in an elite and brutal military force. Specialized as a tracker, Werner travels across Germany, Russia, and finally comes to French.

Soon the boy’s path will converge with the girl’s.

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