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Avengers vs X-Men is a major crossover event by Marvel Comics. In Round 9, the times are getting more and more difficult for the Avengers. They hide in K'un-L'un while doing rescue missions to release their comrades that being captured by the X-Men, with very minimal results or even ending up in another lost. At the meantime Hope is still in her training and Iron-Man try to find a formula to contain the power of the Phoenix.

At the X-Men side, the remaining of the Phoenix Five seems to be getting overwhelmed by the enormous power they possess. Magik has brought hell to Earth where they imprison the captured Avengers. This raises disapproval and abandonment among some members of the X-Men, including Storm who then joins the Avengers.

With the help of Storm and Professor X, the Avengers sneak into the prison to free their friends. Magik and Colossus stop them and they have to fight their way out. Spider-Man decides to step up to a bigger game. By himself, with his body broken and severe injuries, he faces two of the Phoenix Five so the Avengers can escape.

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