Danielle Steel - Friends Forever PDF

Danielle Steel - Friends Forever PDF

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Friends Forever is an elaborate and emotionally compelling novel first published in 2012. The book is written by Danielle Steel, a 1 New York Times bestselling author successfully presents a book about a romance that is heart-touching and glorious.

The story circles around the life of five kids (Gabby, Billy, Izzie, Andy, and Sean), who have met each other since their very first day of kindergarten. Despite the different personalities, looks, talents, and interests they have among them, their friendship grows strong during their childhood years. Known as the Big Five, they are inseparable.

As they grow older and enter their teenage years, lives bring more hardship and challenges to them: family problems, inopportune mistakes, and losses and victories. They somehow still manage to return to the bond of the friendship to find strength and courage. However, as they enter separate college lives, each of them has to face an unpredictable path. The obstacles are getting harder and trickier as they walk further in their journeys of life. Along the way, Danielle Steel's Friends Forever will reveal a great story of friendship, survival, and love.

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Author: Danielle Steel;
Genre/Subject: Romance;
Language: English;
PDF Pages: 218;
File Size: 1 MB;

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