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Capture is a novel that explores the most gloomy and horrific sides of human soul and mind. Written by a prominent thriller/mystery author such as Roger Smith, the stirring book captures how negative emotions such as rage and grief can sometimes drive someone cross the line. Through the flawed characters he created in the story, Smith portrays that at the very core, it is one’s emotions and instincts that determine his/her actions.

Roger Smith's Capture follows the story of Nick Exley. One day, while he was high on pot and his wife was having an intimate good time with her lover, their four years old daughter Sunny was after her toy boat and finally drowned in the sea. Meanwhile, Vernon Saul, an ex-cop security guard, was watching the whole process from afar. He did nothing when the little girl started drowning. It was only when her parents realized what has happened to their daughter that he then acted to save the girl. Despite Sunny’s death, Vernon was considered a hero.

Following his daughter's death, the tragedy has hit Nick greatly and he was overshadowed by guilt and grief. Feeling indebted to Vernon, Nick fell into the plot Vernon created. However, the plot was finally revealed and Nick realized what Vernon’s motives were. This led Nick into another dark whirl of murder and manipulation that could cost him his sanity and his life.

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Author: Roger Smith;
Genre/Subject: Thriller;
Language: English;
PDF Pages: 347;
File Size: 1 MB;

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