Sydney Landon - Weekends Required PDF

Sydney Landon - Weekends Required PDF

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Sydney Landon - Weekends Required is an adult, sexy romance novel. Written by New York Times Bestselling author, Sydney Landon, it was first published in 2012. The book is the first volume in the Danver's series and it has successfully attracted many female readers especially.

Because of her mother’s poor health condition, Claire has to make extra income by having another job. She is hired as the personal assistant of Jason, the boss of Danver International, a party-planning company.

The company is growing and in the middle of an important merger process. As the personal assistant of Jason, the handsome boss, Claire is required to accompany him during the weekend business trips. During the trips, intimate romance sparks between them.

Despite their relation as a boss and an assistant, and that the romance they have could be just a fling, Claire sees more in Jason than just sex. On the other hand, Jason is more than willing to get to know better of the beautiful exciting woman who is also his mousy assistant. Sydney Landon's Weekends Requiredshows that it is not always a bad thing to mix business with pleasure.

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Author: Sydney Landon;
Genre/Subject: Adult Readings, Romance;
Language: English;
PDF Pages: 214;
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