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All Souls trilogy, a fabulous historical-fiction fantasy series by American writer Deborah Harkness, continues with the second novel Shadow of Night. First published in 2012, the book was a success and it became a New York Times Best Seller, just like its prequel A Discovery of Witches. It has appealed to fantasy book readers and won the “2012 Goodread Choice” award at

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The novel extends the story of Diana Bishop, a historian and also descendent of a prominent family of witches, and Matthew Clairmont, a good looking vampire who is also a geneticist. Diana has accidentally called upon an ancient manuscript called Ashmole 782 and it has roused the fantastical underworld. Matthew has also been dragged into this turmoil and now both of them are trapped in the middle of a supernatural war.

To survive the war, they need to find an expert witch to guide Diana in improving her supernatural ability and to get hints of the Ashmole 782. It leads them to travel back in time to the 16th century in London, during the Elizabethan Era. The city is full schemes and spies. More alarming is the presence of School of Night, a secret group whose members are Matthew’s old friends.

The presence of Matthew’s past is endangering their mission so both of them have to take a different path in their journey. A path that probably is even darker, as they now find themselves in the center of 1,500 year old vampire’s mysterious history and secrets.

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Language: English;
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