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Gone Girl is a bestselling mystery novel written by Gillian Flynn, an American writer well known for her psychological suspense/thriller, crime stories. The book was first published in June 2012. For eight weeks after its publication, it sat on #1 on the New York Times Hardcover Fiction Bestseller list. The book also won the “Goodreads Choice 2012 Winner” award for mystery and thriller.

*Brief introduction to Gillian Flynn's Gone Girl*

Nick and Amy Dunne's are preparing their fifth anniversary on a summer morning in Missouri. Preparations are being made and everyone is getting ready. However, the atmosphere of celebration is overshadowed with worry when Amy mysteriously disappears. That pretty and smart woman is nowhere to be seen around the McMansion they rent.

Investigation conducted by the police reveals the twisted mind inside the husband, Nick. Known for being the “golden boy” of the town and “husband-of-the-year” kind of man, it is surprising the fantasy he has about his wife’s head, about its slope and shape. A reading into Amy’s diary then uncovers what kind of woman she was. The writings she made represent her alpha personality and her perfectionism that might push everyone to their very edge.

Nick defends himself as innocent. The great pressure has pushed him into deceits, lies, and improper manners. Despite all that, one big question remains: Is this husband really the murderer of his own wife?

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