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First published in 2014, Gray Mountain is a legal-thriller novel written by one of the greatest American writers, John Grisham. Being a lawyer and a politician, Grisham knows only too well how things work in law and politic which make him an outstanding author of bestselling legal/court thriller books. This particular novel is no exception. By conducting some research and consulting some experts, Grisham exposes real environmental issue in Appalachia, in United States, which is the crisis cause by coal strip-mining.

The story in John Grisham's Gray Mountain follows Samantha Kofer. She becomes one of the victims of the 2008 great recession, which has forced companies and firms to downsize their workforce. She loses her career at a big law firm at Wall Street. However, she is lucky enough to be given an opportunity to get her position back. To do so, she has to do some charitable, non-paying work at a legal aid clinic for around a year.

Samantha’s new job takes her to the small mining town of Brady. It is located in Virginia, at the centre of Appalachia. For the first time in her life, she works to “help real people with real problems” in a real courtroom. She also has to experience harsh things, like getting rebuked by a judge and receiving threats from the locals.

Working on cases has led her into the dark secrets of the small town. She learns the smut and hazard in the coal mining business. In this world, laws are bendable, rules are not working, and regulations are just something to read. The communities are divided, while the land faces bigger threat of total devastation.

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Author: John Grisham;
Genre/Subject: Legal Thriller;
Language: English;
PDF Pages: 357;
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