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Rob Kidd—Disney Press under its pseudonym—continues the Pirates of the Caribbean: Jack Sparrow series with the second installment. Jack Sparrow 2: The Siren Song was first published in 2006. The book expands the daring adventure of teen Jack Sparrow. With the story specifically aimed toward young-adult readers, this series preludes to what happens in the famous film series.

Captain Jack Sparrow and his crew continue the voyage on their ship, Barnacle. They have been sailing on the sea for days after their first adventure in the “dead city” (see Book 1, The Storm Coming), still pursuing the Sword of Cortés.

In Jack Sparrow 2: The Siren Song, Jack hears a strange, mythical song over the sea waves on day. After that experience, Jack finds his crew members begin to act strangely, one by one. Each of them seems to be possessed by a strong will to go elsewhere, despite knowing what they are after in the mission. Even the ship seems to steer itself off course.

When the crew members finally lose control over themselves and openly stand against their captain, Jack has no choice but to knock them down and tie them on the mast. While being confused by the situation and still irritated by the mysterious song he hears, something worse happen. Arabella suddenly plunges herself out of the. Jack has to save her and pursues her into the water. Deep in the water, Jack meets the mysterious creatures who sing the song that has made his crew gone mad.

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