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Pirates of the Caribbean: Jack Sparrow series by Disney Press (Rob Kidd) continues with the sixth installment, Jack Sparrow 6: Silver. First published in 2007, the book expands the adventurous story of young Jack Sparrow and his teenage crew members after the events in The Age of Bronze.

Jack Sparrow and the crew of the Barnacle has left New Orleans and sail to the Yucatan Peninsula in Jack Sparrow 6: Silver. They are heading to Tomen’s home island, to return the magic amulet. However, in the middle of the sea, they meet another pirate ship called Fleur de La Mort. A ship that brings big surprises for the Barnacle’s crew. First, the captain of that ship is Laura Smith, which is Arabella's mother. Second, their old enemy, Left Foot Louis, is now a crew of that ship.

Upon seeing her daughter, Captain Laura invites Arabella and the rest of Barnacle’s crew to board her ship. Seeing Arabella is reluctant to go, Jack as the captain refuses the invitation. However, with the magical power of Mr. Silverback, one of Captain Laura’s subordinate, Jack Sparrow and his crew are suddenly teleported into the Fleur de La Mort.

Captain Laura tries to explain the reason why she leaves her daughter, while Arabella is now angry because her mother has abandoned her without any words. At the meantime, Jack stealthily explores the ship and accidentally reveals a treacherous scheme that might endanger him, his crew, and Arabella’s mother.

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