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Jack Sparrow 7: City of Gold is the seventh book in the exciting Pirates of the Caribbean: Jack Sparrow series. The series is written by Rob Kidd, the pseudonym used by Disney Press. The story of the series is intended for children and it depicts the adventure of Jack Sparrow in his teenage years.

The adventurous pirate story continues in Jack Sparrow 7: City of Gold. Captain Jack Sparrow and the rest of the Barnacle’s crew are heading toward New Orleans. Jack has come to a conclusion that they will find the answers for all the business and troubles they have—the mystery of the magical amulets, Arabella being taken by her mother, the business with their old enemy Left-Foot Louis—if they face another old enemy, Madame Minuit.

Upon arriving at New Orleans, Jack and Fitzwilliam come across the things they’re looking for respectively: the gold gem—the last missing piece of the amulet—and the golden watch. After successfully acquiring both, they regrouped with the rest of Barnacle’s crew, only to be chased by Madame Minuit’s underlings: Left-Foot Louis and Silverback.

During the battle between Jack’s crew and Madame Minuit’s troops, Captain Laura, along with Arabella, appear to aid Jack. The situation becomes utterly perilous for Jack’s when Madame Minuit performs her powerful magic. Suddenly, Jack and the rest on his side has to deal with a mighty and deadly enemy.

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Author: Rob Kidd (Disney Press)
Genre/Subject: Advneture, Kid's Reading;
Language: English;
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