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An outstanding debut novel by American writer Gillian Flynn, Sharp Objects presents a wickedly gripping thriller/mystery story. First published in 2006, the book successfully introduced Flynn to the world as a capable author by winning multiple awards including New Blood Fiction Dagger and Ian Fleming Steel Dagger from the Crime Writers' Association.

*Brief introduction to Gillian Flynn's Sharp Objects*

Journalist Camille Preaker has just gotten out of psychiatric hospital after finishing the treatment she must have following the self-harm she did—there are many word carvings on her body which she has done herself. Returning to work, she gets a job covering a homicide case in her hometown of Wind Gap, Missouri. Two little girls have been murdered and her boss successfully persuades her to gets the full story there, although she refuses the job at first.

It has been eight years since Camille left her hometown. During that period of time, she hardly has any communication with her neurotic mother, and now she meets her again. There is also her thirteen years old half-sister, a pretty girl she barely knows. Back in the Victorian mansion of her family, Camille once again has to face the dark, haunting memories of the tragedy she had in childhood, something she has been trying to escape from her whole life.

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Author: Gillian Flynn;
Genre/Subject: Mystery;
Language: English;
PDF Pages: 242;
File Size: 1 MB;

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