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Brandon Sanderson - Stormlight Archive 2: Words of Radiance PDF or EPUB Download eBook

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American author Brandon Sanderson continued his epic fantasy series, The Stormlight Archive, with the second book Words of Radiance. First published in March 2014, the novel reached number 1 in New York Times Bestseller list in its debut week, a better achievement than its prequel The Way of Kings.

In Brandon Sanderson's Words of Radiance, Turmoil and disquiet still haunts Roshar, a land overwhelmed by storm and also political crisis. The treat of open wars clouds over the kingdoms, especially with the existence of the Knights Radiant.

A long time ago, the Parshendi sent an assassin to murder the Alethi king, Gavilar. This event has united the highprinces of Alethkar under the Vengeance Pact and it has also triggered a war against the Parshendi, known as the War of Reckoning. After many years, Alethi king murderer is back. The Assassin in White holds tremendous powers that people believe have lost long time ago. The assassination target now is the Highprince Dalinar. He is considered the actual threat for the Parshendi as he is the true power behind the Alethi throne.

After the war of Shattered Plains, Kaladin has risen from slavery. He has proved his worth in the battles and becomes the commander of the royal bodyguards. A heavy task awaits him to guard the king and Dalinar from the threat of the Assassin in White. He needs to master the powers of a Windrunner as quickly as he can. Somewhere else, the young and determined Shallan, aided by her mentor Jasnah, has to deal a crisis of hor own. The girl struggles to prevent the Voidbringers from returning and also to save the Desolation of their civilization. To succeed, she needs to go to Shattered Plains to reveal the secret. However, she has never imagined that getting there is the most difficult task.

Stormlight Archive 2: Words of Radiance eBook Details

Author: Brandon Sanderson;
Genre/Subject: Fantasy;
Language: English;

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