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The Other Boleyn Girl is a historical fiction novel by British writer Philippa Gregory first published in 2001. Based on the chronology of the story, the book is the second volume in the amazing Tudor Court series following The Constant Princess, although the later was published in 2005. The novel has gained huge commercial success and popularity, despite the mixed reviews from the critics.

*Brief introduction to Philippa Gregory's Tudor Court #2: The Other Boleyn Girl*

Fueled by plots and schemes that involve love, lust, ambition, and deception, The Other Boleyn Girl pictures a woman of remarkable desire who boldly makes the decision that determines her own fate and inevitably, the fate of a kingdom. The story is based on the history of Mary Boleyn. She was an aristocrat of the 16th century England and sister of the more famous Anne Boleyn.

At the age of fourteen, young and innocent Mary Boleyn comes to court and catches the eye of Henry VIII. The girl is overwhelmed by the life she has and astonished by the man. Mary is in love with her developing role as unofficial queen and also the golden prince. Yet, the wonder in her life starts to fade when the king’s interest in her begins to wane. Mary then sees the fact that she has been used as a pawn for her family’s ambition, when she is forced to step aside for Anne Boleyn: her sister who is also her best friend and arch rival. Realizing the ugly truth, she decides to determine her own fate, by defying her family and the King.

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