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First published in 2006, The Boleyn Inheritance is the third novel of the Tudor Court series. A sequel to The Other Boleyn Girl, the book is a fascinating historical fiction written by English author Philippa Gregory. The story in the series is loosely based on the history of 16th century England. Just like in the other volumes of the series, the main characters in this book are women who are involved in the highest stage of politic and power in the kingdom.

*Brief introduction to Philippa Gregory's Tudor Court #3: The Boleyn Inheritance*

The Boleyn Inheritance is set at 1539 to 1942 England and it imaginatively explores the fourth and fifth marriages of King Henry VIII. Delivered in first-person narratives, the story is projected through three different women equally important and crucial to England: Anne of Cleves, Katherine Howard, and Jane Boleyn. From the perspectives of these women, an intense story is built around power, wealth, loyalty, and also conspiracy, terror, and betrayal.

Anne of Cleves flees from an unloving home and lands herself to a seemingly deadly throne only to find a husband who dislikes her, King Henry VIII. Amid a dangerous field of threats, politics and secrecy, she has to struggle to save herself without any friends or family.

Katherine Howard is a young attractive woman who realizes her beauty and men’s desire for her. She instantly charms the king and she is in love, but not with the man who has made her queen and killed her cousin, Anne. Without knowing it, she has triggered a deadly machine of politics, conspiracy, and betrayal.

Jane Rochford is a canny woman who exchanges her soul for fortune and power to survive the deadly court of a hazardous king. By making herself the only trusted companion for the two vulnerable queens, she becomes a perfect spy for the Duke of Norfolk, her uncle.

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