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Despite being published in 2003, chronologically, The Queen's Fool is the fifth book in the Tudor Court series by British author Philippa Gregory. It is the sequel to the recently released The Taming of the Queen (2015). The brilliant series is a historical fiction that is loosely based on 16th century England and this particular novel is set between 1548 and 1558.

*Brief introduction to Philippa Gregory's Tudor Court#5: The Queen's Fool*

The Queen's Fool follows the life of Hannah Green. She and her father flee to England from Spain, where they were hunted down by the Inquisition and her mother was burned at the stake for being Jewish. At the age of fourteen, Hannah is not an ordinary girl. She has a special gift, the sight to foresee the future.

In the new kingdom, Hannah is discovered and adopted by Robert Dudley, whose father works as King Edward's protector. She is presented to the court as a “holy fool” for Edward VI, and later for Queen Mary and Queen Elizabeth. However, Hannah becomes more than an ordinary fool. She grows to be a spy in the politically complicated and hazardous court.

Mary, Elizabeth, and Robert Dudley order her to gather information from their rivals for their respective interests. She finds herself in the middle of a fierce rivalry between Queen Mary and Elizabeth. She also falls in love with her master despite her promise in wedlock. If she is not careful, this situation could claim her life for conducting treason, heresy, and witchcraft.

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