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First published in 2009, If I Stay is a romantic young-adult novel written by Gayle Forman. Beautifully written and packed with punches of emotion, the book explores the challenges faced by a young woman in learning what love is capable of, what the real meaning of a family is, and how every choice always brings its consequence.

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If I Stay tells the story of Mia Hall, a 17-year-old girl who has to deal with the outcome of a terrible car accident that killed all her family. She is the lone survivor of the accident and she is in a coma. An extraordinary thing happens during her coma. She finds herself in an out-of-body experience. While being struck between the realm of the living and the after-world of those who have passed away, she can see what is going on around her, how her relatives and friends gather at the hospital.

In that situation, Mia reflects her life in a series of flashbacks where her life is unfolded. During the process, she realizes that she has a very important and vital decision to make. She can choose to continue to live with her grandparents, her beloved Adam, and her passion and love in music. On the other hand, she can choose to pass away and avoid the pain and grief of living a life in which her father, mother, and little brother have been gone forever.

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Author: Gayle Forman;
Genre/Subject: Young-adult, Romance;
Language: English;
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