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Looking for Alaska is an amazing young-adult fiction novel written by John Green, an American author, vlogger, and educator. The book was first published in 2005. It received good critical response and won Michael L. Printz Award in 2006. Seven years after its first publication, in 2012, the book got into the New York Times best seller list.

*Brief introduction to John Green's Looking for Alaska*

Some schools have included Looking for Alaska in their curriculum. Because the main characters in the book are teenagers who drink, smoke, and use explicit language, it has roused some controversy among parents. John Green defended his work by saying that people who opposed his book only focused on the sexual ethics and missed the other values in the book. He also stated that the book has never been intended for children and never appeared in the children's section of bookstores.

Miles Halter is a teenage boy with unique interest in learning famous people's last words and he is utterly fascinated by the “Great Perhaps” from the poet Fran├žois Rabelais. Being tall and skinny, he is ironically nicknamed “Pudge.” He attends Culver Creek Boarding School. It is an outrageous place, unpredictable and hectic.

Life becomes more adventurous for Pudge when he meets Alaska Young, a girl with enigmatic presence. She is stunning, smart, and funny girl, but at the same time she is also self-destructive and messed-up. She attracts and pulls Pudge into her world, a world where he experiences the Great Perhaps. Ultimately, Alaska is the girl that steals Pudge’s heart.

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