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The Boys in the Boat: Nine Americans and Their Epic Quest for Gold at the 1936 Berlin Olympics is a book written by American non-fiction author Daniel James Brown. First published in 2013, it chronicles the remarkable story of American rowing team that miraculously astonished the world in 1936 during Hitler's Berlin Olympics.

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In The Boys in the Boat, Brown portrays the epic and dramatic quest of University of Washington’s eight-oar crew in achieving the Olympic gold medal in 1936. While their country being hit by the Great Depression, the team snatched the attention of millions of Americans and brought a glimpse of optimism. The crew members came from common working class background. They were sons of loggers, shipyard workers, and farmers. Yet they bravely competed and defeated the elite rivals from honorable universities from Eastern European countries, British, and even Adolf Hitler’s rowing crew.

One of the rowers, Joe Rantz, had the most moving and heartwarming story. He was a young man without family and very limited prospects. He joined the crew and rowed not to gain glory but to reclaim his fulfilled self and find a home. The team had a great visionary mentor (an eccentric boat builder from Britain) but the real winning factor was the boys’ trust in each other.

The Boys in the Boat was written by Daniel James Brown based on the crew members’ documents (their journals, diaries, photos) and memories. It is a compelling story of inspiration about finding hope amid the darkest and most desperate times. While America was buried in the depth of depression, these rowing boys showed the country optimism and what can be done when people pulled together with commitment and determination.

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