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The Name of the Wind is a fantasy novel written by American author Patrick Rothfuss. First published in 2007, it is the first book in the epic series, The Kingkiller Chronicle. The book was inspired by the range of of college courses he explored during Rothfuss’s nine-year advance toward his B.S. in English.

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There are two timelines in The Name of the Wind. The first one is in the present, in which the story is presented by an omniscient narrator in third-person point of view. The second timeline is in the past, in which the story is told in the perspective of Kvothe, who tells about his adventurous past.

In his own Voice, Kvothe reveals the history and journey of a young man with prominent talent in magic who later turns into the most infamous wizard of his world. Kvothe recounts his life as a kid in a troupe of traveling players. He tells the years where he became a near-feral orphan in a city plagued by crime. He reveals the shameless but successful bid he made to be accepted in the legendary school of magic. Most exciting is his story as a fugitive after the murder of a king.

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