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First published in 2008, The Other Queen is a historical fiction book by British author Philippa Gregory. Based on the chronology of the story, it is the 7th novel in the Tudor Court series. Based on new research and her passion for history, Gregory presents an mesmerizing alternate story of Mary, Queen of Scots, during her long imprisonment in England.

*Brief introduction to Philippa Gregory's Tudor Court#7: The Other Queen*

The Other Queen is a book filled with passion, thrill, and political schemes. The intricacy of the situation is well represented by being told in three points of view: Mary Stuart (Queen of Scots), George Talbot (6th Earl of Shrewsbury), and Elizabeth Talbot (Countess of Shrewsbury).

Escaping a raging rebellion and accepting the promise of a sanctuary by Queen Elizabeth, Mary flees from Scotland to England. She becomes a “special guest” of the newly married George and Elizabeth Talbot, the Earl and Countess of Shrewsbury. Mary then finds out that her stay there is not as a guest but as a prisoner.

In their expectation, George and Elizabeth Talbot believe that becoming the hosts of the runaway queen will grant them special position and status in the Elizabethan court. They soon find the dream to be treacherous as the task leads them to bankruptcy. It also puts them in a deadly position as their home grows into headquarter of rebellion and conspiracy against their Queen, Elizabeth.

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