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The Virgin's Lover is a novel written by English writer Philippa Gregory. First published in 2005, this exciting historical fiction book is (chronologically) the 6th volume in the Tudor Court series. Like the other books in the series, the story in this novel is loosely based on 16th century England. This particular volume depicts Queen Elizabeth I in her first year ruling the kingdom.

*Brief introduction to Philippa Gregory's Tudor Court #6: The Virgin's Lover*

The Virgin's Lover pictures Elizabeth I as a new queen that is fearful and passionate with unyielding determination. Even so early in her reign, she is already presented with perilous dangers. One of threats comes from the outside. It is the invasion of Scotland by French, which might lead Mary to become the Queen sitting on the throne of Scotland.

The other crisis faced by Elizabeth comes from inside the kingdom, in fact it is from inside her. She has great affection for Robert Dudley, who has been convicted for treachery. The situation is complicated because the man is already married to a devoted wife who will never let him go, moreover let him go to the new Protestant queen.

Because of their own schemes and objectives, there are other parties opposing the relationship too. The wisest of the queens’ councils, William Cecil, firmly states that she must marry for political benefits. Elizabeth’s uncle makes an oath that he will kill Dudley before she can marry to him.

In England, factions are formed and each stands firm on their own ground. Meanwhile the future of the kingdom is getting dimmer as its economy is sinking and the possibility that Elizabeth will lead the kingdom to a war that many believes she can’t win.

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