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Alex Ferguson: My Autobiography is one of the best and most enthusiastically hyped football books. First published in 2013, the book unveils many stories during Ferguson’s 27 years at one of the greatest football club in the world, Manchester United. His work at that club has become the greatest career in the history of English football and he has grown into one of the best football managers in history.

*Brief introduction to Alex Ferguson: My Autobiography*

Just like in any sport clubs in a competition, there had been a lot off changes in Manchester United (MU). However, in a specific period of 27-year, there was a constant element that kept the club striving in the English Premiere League and in European Champions League. That element was Sir Alex Ferguson, the brilliant Scottish manager that successfully brought changes and built a healthy-league-winning culture at one of the biggest English football club.

In Alex Ferguson: My Autobiography, readers will learn how phenomenal Ferguson’s managerial prowess was. It’s even mores so when he had to deal with some of the biggest football superstars like David Beckham, Cristiano Ronaldo, Wayne Rooney, and others. His vision and genius in reading the game, building tactics, and man-managing his players changed MU into a winning team and transformed it from a conventional football club into a sport business enterprise.

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