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Big Little Lies is a novel written by Australian author Liane Moriarty. First published in 2014, the book has generated positive reviews by critics for how well it blends wit and crucial issues such as domestic violence. Inspired by a real story from a woman in a radio interview, the book brilliantly explores the issues of ex-husbands and their new wives, the relationship of mothers and daughters, gossips and rumors floating around the schoolyard, and the hazard comes from small lies people make just to survive.

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Big Little Lies follows the story of three women who face dicey turning points in their lives. Funny, sarcastic, and fiery, Madeline is a woman who will remember everything and forgive nobody. Her life gets complicated when her ex-husband and his new wife get into her community, and her Madeline’s kids seem to go along very well with them.

Celeste is a very stunning woman who will make the world around her stop just to stare at her. However she often seems troubled since she’s so overwhelmed by her rambunctious twin boys. As the twin start school, Celeste and her husband are about to become the king and queen of the parent body. However, having such royal status has its own price.

Jane is a single mom who just moves into town with her son. She’s so young people often think that she is a nanny. Drowned in depression and questions about her son, Jane meets Madeline and Celeste who then take her under their wing. Unknown to them, the presence of Jane’s enigmatic son will change all their lives.

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