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Craig Thompson - Blankets PDF Download

Craig Thompson - Blankets PDF Download or Read Online

Blankets is a graphic novel by American comic writer and artist Craig Thompson. First published in 2003, it is Thompson’s autobiography and his means of communication with his parents, saying that he chooses different path and is no longer a Christian. It generated wide critical acclaim and became a big success. It ranked at #1 in Time Magazine’s 2003 Best Comics list and at #8 in Best Comics of the Decade.

Blankets by Craig Thompson depicts the crisis Thompson faced as an adolescent growing into adulthood. It was a period when he started to choose his own path, questioned the faith he used to have, and met his first love, Raina. There are also a lot of flashbacks when Thompson recalls further back into his childhood, growing up with his younger brother Phil, in a devoted Evangelical Christian family.

Blankets eBook Details

Author: Craig Thompson;
Genre/Subject: Graphic Novel/Comics;
Language: English;

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Craig and his little brother Phil drawing in Blankets PDF Download

The blankets made by Raina in Blankets PDF Download

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