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Cryptonomicon is a historical fiction/science fiction novel written by American author Neal Stephenson. First published in 1999, the book has won several awards for science fiction category. Despite being an ultimately geeky book with complex and detailed technical matters, it receives generally positive responses from both science fiction fans and critics and general readers.

*Brief introduction to Neal Stephenson's Cryptonomicon*

The story in Cryptonomicon is set in two periods: the 40’s World War II era and the late 90’s. The story goes back and forth during those periods of time.

The 40’s part of the story tells about Lawrence Pritchard Waterhouse, young mathematical genius that becomes a code breaker for the US Navy. He receives an assignment to join the secret unit of the Allies force, Detachment 2702. The main mission of the unit is to keep the Axis force unaware of the fact that their Enigma code has been cracked. In many occasions the detachment works behind enemy lines in order to secure the success of Allied intelligence missions.

Bobby Shaftoe is a US Marine sergeant serving in Detachment 2702, whose job is to carry out Lawrence’s plan. He gets a mission at the same time when Japanese soldiers, including Bobby’s old friend Goto Dengo, are on a mission to build a bunker in Philippines, that turns out to be a suicide mission.

The 90’s part of the book follows the story of Lawrence's grandson Randy Waterhouse amid the times of Internet boom and Asian financial crisis. Together with his partner Avi Halaby, he builds the Pinoy-grams, cheap video messages via fiber-optic cables intended for migrant Filipinos. The income they make will be used to create a data haven in the nearby Sultanate of Kinakuta.

Doug Shaftoe and Amy Shaftoe, son and granddaughter of Bobby Shaftoe perform the undersea cable surveillance. Goto Furudenendu, descendant of Goto Dengo, supervises the engineering works on the data haven. However, conflicts and complications develop with the appearance of some figures of the past, who are in search for gold or revenge.

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