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Pegasus is a romantic historical-fiction novel written by Danielle Steel, New York Times bestselling American author. First published in 2014, the book explores the theme of how courage, friendship, and family might bring hope and new beginning after a tragedy. The story is set on the background of World War II.

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The story in Pegasus follows the lives of Alex von Hemmerle and Nicolas von Bingen. They are best friends who know each other since childhood. When Nazism is rising in Germany, their home country, Nick's father tells the shocking truth that his son has Jewish ancestry. Nick gets a warning from his friends that he and his sons are in danger and they have to flee the country.

In the middle of the hazardous situation and escalating threat toward Jewish people, Nick and his sons must get out of Germany as quickly as possible. The only valuable fortunes they manage to take are two astounding Lipizzaner horses. Those horses are the gift from Nick’s best friend Alex and become their precious tickets to start a new life in America.

When World War II rages, both Nick and Alex separately struggle with their lives. Alex and his daughter have to survive amid the raging war that engulfs Europe. Meanwhile, across the sea, Nick faces a difficult time starting a new life. He has to work really hard in his new job with the famous Ringling Brothers Circus.

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Language: English;
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