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Neonomicon and The Courtyard are comic mini series originally written by American comic writer Alan Moore. In 2003, The Courtyard was adapted into 2-issue comic series by Antony Johnston and illustrated Jacen Burrows. In 2010 Moore released the sequel to The Courtyard in the form of 4-issue comic series entitled Neonomicon, illustrated by the same comic artist. In 2011, both mini series were compiled and published as a single volume graphic novel entitled Neonomicon. Despite the controversy for its explicit (sexual) content, the book won 2012 Bram Stoker Award for Graphic Novel category.

*Brief introduction to Alan Moore's Neonomicon (And The Courtyard)*

FBI agent Brears pursuing her target in Neonomicon

Neonomicon follows the investigation of two overconfident young FBI agents. Agent Brears and Lamper are following a recent series of ritual murders. They believe those murders are connected to the case of former agent Aldo Sax. Agent Sax was a brilliant top agent who in the past investigated a series of mysterious murders, as told in The Courtyard series. That investigation became agent Sax’s last assignment as an FBI agent because he then turned into a convicted murderer and was sent to a maximum security prison.

Agent Brears and Lamper in Neonomicon

Brears and Lamper meet Sax in an interrogation where Sax speaks in an inhuman language. The clues and data they have lead them to a drug raid in a club, where they find some arcane symbols and hear the inhuman language again. Brears and Lamper suspect that they are on to something serious. However when they decide to join a secret orgy ritual, they are totally unaware of what kind of danger and terror they will face.

Agent Brears and the monster in Neonomicon

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Author: Alan Moore;
Genre/Subject: Graphic Novel;
Language: English;
PDF Pages: 165;
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