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First published in 2013, Orphan Train is a touching novel written by American novelist Christina Baker Kline. The story in the book is based on historic true facts about the orphan trains that carried thousands of orphaned or abandoned children from the East Coast to the Midwest in the U.S. between 1854 and 1929. The book achieved positive critical acclaims and became a number 1 New York Times bestseller.

*Brief introduction to Christina Baker Kline's Orphan Train*

Orphan Train follows the story of two women. The first is Molly Ayer. She is a Penobscot Indian teen foster girl who is about to go to juvenile detention unless she does some community service. The other woman is a ninety one-year old Vivian Daly. Vivian is an immigrant from Ireland who is also an orphan.

As a foster kid, Molly has been through hard times in her life with some foster parents. She is almost eighteen, having a hard relationship with her foster mom, and near being kicked out of her foster home after her criminal conduct: stealing a beat-up Jane Eyre novel in the library. With the help of her boyfriend, Jack, she gets a community service job to keep her away from having a criminal record.

Molly has to spend 50 hours helping ninety one-year old Vivian Daly cleaning her attic. Slowly, while working together through the old stuffs in the attic, a bond slowly grows between the two women. Both of them are outsiders being raised by strangers. Both of them have unanswered questions and anxiety they try to avoid about the past. Together they try to deal with the burden of their past and look for answers, answers that ultimately will free them both.

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