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First published in 2014, Revival is a novel written by one of the best American horror authors, Stephen King. Dark and thrilling, the book explores the issue of addiction, fanaticism, and the biggest mystery of what awaits after life. Like most of King’s books and because of its dedication to classic horror, it achieved generally good critical reviews.

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The story of Revival begins in a small town in New England. Jamie Morton sees the arrival of the new minister, a good looking man named Charles Jacobs. The new Reverend brings along his gorgeous wife. The arrival of this couple entirely changes the local church and the people in town. The males, men and boys, are attracted to the pretty Mrs. Jacobs. Meanwhile, all the women and girls, including Jamie’s mom and sister, are a bit in love with the handsome Reverend, Mr. Jacobs. In the middle of all that, Jamie and Mr. Jacobs build a strong bond based on a hidden obsession. However, Mr. Jacobs turns into a fierce disbeliever of God when a tragedy hits his family. The townspeople are shaken and banish the previously adored Reverend.

At the meantime, Jamie Morton is fleeing from the gloom of his family tragic loss. He keeps some demons inside him. Growing as a musician, he has been living nomadic rock and roll style life from bar to bar, town to town. Lost, distressed, and addicted to drugs, mid-thirties Jamie meets Jacobs. The bond between these two grows into a pact beyond even the Devil's works.

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Author: Stephen King;
Genre/Subject: Horror;
Language: English;
PDF Pages: 374;
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