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The Hours is a Pulitzer Prize-winning novel written by American author Michael Cunningham. First published in 1998, the book has received widely positive critical reviews and become Cunningham’s best achievement to date. The passionate, deep, and touching story of the book has been adapted into an Oscar-winning movie under the same title.

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The Hours follows the story of three different women from three different periods of time. The first woman is Virginia Wolf, the legendary writer. She is in the process of recovering, living with her husband in a suburb outside London in 1923. The second woman is a housewife of late 40’s, Laura Brown. Living in a perfect family and home in a Los Angeles suburb, she is starting to feel the restraints in her life. The third woman is from the late 90’s era. Clarissa Vaughan lives in modern New York and is in the middle of a party planning for her close friend, a poet who is dying from AIDS.

All those three women are affected by a Virginia Woolf’s novel Mrs. Dalloway. All of them are undergoing personal crisis and in search of answers regarding happiness and peacefulness in their lives. Though they live in different eras and in different situations, by the end of the novel, the story of their lives intertwine each other in extraordinary ways. It will finally come together in something delicate, poignant, and graceful.

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