Oops It Did That Again

A visitor made a comment stating he/she couldn't download the file. I checked the link and guess what, it is bevyshare again.

Looks like the site is actually down at the moment. I checked it via and it is confirmed. The picture above is the test I did to check on bevyshare. It's down again.

So, once again, most of the eBook links available in this site will be inaccessible because they are from bevyshare. All we can do is wait until that site is up and operational again....Hopefully it will not take too long.

At the meantime, I'm considering to get links from another hosting sites. However, since there are hundreds of links come from bevyshare, it will be massive work. Maybe I'll do it bit by bit. And if finally I decide to do so, let's just hope the new file sharing sites will be more reliable.

As for now, if the eBooks you want to get are from bevyshare, please be patient. Wait for a day or two, then try the download link again. Who knows the site will be up again by then. :)
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