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After being delayed for two years, Batman: Earth One Volume 2 was finally released in 2015, three years after the first volume. Like its prequel, the graphic novel was written by Geoff Johns and illustrated by Gary Frank. The book received generally good responses and it successfully topped The New York Times' Best Seller List for Hardcover Graphic Books. A third volume for the series is currently in development but no date is announced yet for its publication.

*Brief introduction to Batman Earth One Volume 2 Graphic Novel*

killer croc ambushed batman in batman earth one

In Batman: Earth One Volume 2, Johns and Frank present a unique portrait of the Dark Knight. Original and thrilling, the graphic novel digs deep into the story behind each character and broadly expands the mythology surrounding Batman and Bruce Wayne.

In the second volume, Batman is facing mysterious and monstrous enemies. Gotham gets a new terror from a villain known as the Riddler. With his own sick and cruel game of anarchy, the Riddler is terrorizing the town. Batman needs to really use his detective prowess to guess what the villain wants and what his target is.

riddler's nest in batman earth one

Meanwhile, the streets of Gotham are also haunted by the cruel crimes of the Killer Croc. Batman will not let the terror go any further and he is pursuing the monster.

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Writer: Geoff Johns;
Illustrator: Gary Frank;
Publisher: DC Comics;
Genre/Subject: Graphic Novel;
Language: English;
PDF Pages: 167;
File Size: 48 MB;

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