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A sequel to State of the Union, Blowback is the 4th book in Scot Harvath spy thriller series. It was written by American novelist Brad Thor and first published in 2005. The book was chosen as one of the “100 Best Ever” Thriller by the listeners of National Public Radio.

*Brief introduction to Brad Thor's Scot Harvath #4: Blowback*

In the fourth novel, Blowback, Secret Service agent has just lost his career. A vicious senator is ambitiously aiming for the White House. When Scot Harvath’s secret, off-the-books operation is captured by Al Jazeera, that senator puts a huge pressure toward the president. The White House administration has no other option but to fire their best Secret Service agent.

In the meantime, a frightening menace is creeping and about to hit the United States of America. A terrorist organization has dig out a deadly ancient weapon from the depth of the Alpine glacier. The weapon designed to destroy Roman Empire is now used to demolish America.

Facing against such danger, the President has no choice but to bring back his best agent Scot Harvath to stop the terror and take down the organization. Now agent Harvath has to race across Europe and the Middle East. Time is critical to prevent the biggest evils from landing on the United States.

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Author: Brad Thor;
Genre/Subject: Spy Thriller;
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PDF Pages: 406;
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