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First published in 2004, State of the Union is the third novel in Scot Harvath spy thriller series. Written by American author Brad Thor, the book is the sequel to the Path of the Assassin.

*Brief introduction to Brad Thor's Scot Harvath #3: State of the Union*

State of the Union is a petrifying espionage tale that will intrigue and keep readers guessing until the very last alluring piece of the puzzle is revealed in its place. Secret Service agent Scot Harvath once again embarks on a hazardous mission packed with gripping suspense and tremendous actions.

One of America’s biggest oppositions in the past, which for decades has been considered merely as a bad memory, has turned into a real fatal threat to world’s biggest superpower. Unforeseen enemy has brought in nuke that very possibly will blow the country. Diplomatic solutions and conventional military are no longer viable. With no other options left, the president of the United States of America sends ex-Navy SEAL Scot Harvath to investigate and stop a superbly planned conspiracy. Collaborating with beautiful Alexandra Ivanova, a Russian Intelligence agent, agent Harvath plunges into the freezing Russian tundra where he will witness a test to the bonds of loyalty and uncover the biggest secret of a nation.

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Author: Brad Thor;
Genre/Subject: Spy Thriller;
Language: English;
PDF Pages: 344;
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