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In 2012, DC Comics released the much anticipated Superman: Earth One Volume 2 graphic novel. Like its prequel in the amazing Earth One series, the book is a collaboration between comic writer J. Michael Straczynski and comic artist Shane Davis. The graphic novel received mixed reviews from critics but it is generally considered an improvement from the first volume. It has also successfully reached #1 on The New York Times' Hardcover Graphic Books Best Seller List.

*Brief introduction to Superman Earth One Volume 2 Graphic Novel*

Superman engulfed in fire in Superman: Earth One

In Superman: Earth One Volume 2, Straczynski delivers out-of-the-ordinary point of views. Although the world does not accept Superman as a heroic icon yet, his presence unavoidably affects the global affairs. It proves to be a complex situation for The Man of Steel. He has to learn to decide in what kind of matters he could get involve and which conflicts he better stay away from. Straczynski also provides a remarkable portrayal of Clark Kent on a broader context. The young man faces the pressure of work as a fresh journalist when he has to produce another article for the Daily Planet. At home, Clark also faces new experience as he builds closer and more intimate relationship with Lisa Lasalle.

Clark and Lisa romantic dinner in Superman: Earth One

Shane Davis’s artworks give stronger and more emotional impact to the story. His illustrations amplify the crucial and key pieces of the story. He profoundly captures the expressions of the characters, especially of Clark during his struggle in fitting in to his surrounding and finding answers to his questions. Davis’s artwork also portrays the emotion that drives Superman’s acts and the massiveness his actions, especially in his encounter with the Parasite.

Superman vs The Parasite in Superman: Earth One

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Writer: J. Michael Straczynski;
Artist: Shane Davis;
Publisher: DC Comics;
Genre/Subject: Graphic Novel;
Language: English;
PDF Pages: 133;
File Size: 45 MB;

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