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First published in 2008, The Last Patriot is a brilliant and gripping thriller novel written by American author Brad Thor. The book is the 7th volume in Scot Harvath series, the sequel to The First Commandment. It achieved big success and reached #1 in New York Times Bestseller list.

*Brief introduction to Scot Harvath #7: The Last Patriot *

The Last Patriot shows the attempt of counter-terrorism agent Scot Harvath to finally end radical Islam terror attacks. The book shows how the Prophet Mohammed revealed his final ultimate epiphany to his closest followers in 632 AD. Tragically, few days after that revelation, the Prophet was assassinated by a faction of his own followers who wanted to conceal Mohammed’s final epiphany.

In the 18th century, Thomas Jefferson made an attack on Barbary Coast violent Muslim pirates. On that operation, he discovered the shocking truth about Mohammed’s last teaching. Thomas Jefferson then left clues for future searchers.

Back to the present days. Another terrorist attack shocks the world: a bomb explodes near a Parisian café. Counter-terrorism agent Scot Harvath, who is trying his best to start a new peaceful life, is drawn back into the mortally dangerous living. Upon saving the target of the attack, Scot finds himself in a deadly race of finding clues and revealing a secret that might bring an end to militant radical Islam terrorists' movements.

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