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First published in 1990, Diggers: The Second Book of The Nomes is the second novel in Terry Pratchett’s amazing fantasy series, Bromeliad Trilogy. The novel is the sequel to the first volume in the series, Truckers: The First Book of the Nomes. The story of the trilogy follows the epic quest of the Nomes, a race of small people that live hidden from humans. They are trying to figure out their history by following the advices from “The Thing,” an old artifact. Their main mission is to find their home.

*(Brief introduction to Terry Pratchett's Bromeliad Trilogy #2: Diggers)*

Diggers: The Second Book of The Nomes focuses the story around Grimma, a female nome of the Quarry who has complicated relationship with Masklin. After the demolition Arnold Bros. Store, the nomes are living a rather peaceful life in an abandoned quarry. Since all are going well, Masklin tells Grimma that they could settle down together. It leads to a break up between the two.

Later, Masklin and couple of his buddies leave the quarry and take The Thing with them. They are going to investigate an airport near the quarry. However, Grimma grows worried when Masklin doesn’t come back after some time. When the abandoned quarry is about to be reopened, the nomes are facing a great danger. Without Masklin around, it is up to Grimma to make a plan to save the nomes.

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