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The Paying Guests is historical fiction novel by English writer Sarah Waters, first published in 2014. Waters is an author well-known for her feminist point of view and she even focuses on still-controversial issues like lesbianism. In this book, she pictures the situation of postwar Britain and the transitory feminine perspective during the fall of the old class and gender segregation.

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Sarah Waters sets the story of The Paying Guests in the 1920s Britain. It is a postwar era in which many aspects of life have just undergone great shocks and changes, including in the aspects of social class and gender. In this period, new forms of consent, mobility and self-definition arise. Those who have just served in the forces are disappointed, many are out of work and hungry, and they are demanding change.

In this hard condition, in Camberwell, South London, spinster Frances Wray is struggling with her poor mother, Mrs. Wray. Both of them mourns the deaths of the sons in the family and are shadowed by bug debts left by Mr. Wray. This situation forces them to transform their house into villa and accept lodgers. This transformation will change their lives through the arrival of Lilian and Leonard Barber. The modern young couple brings color, joy, and music into the house. However, their presence also arouses treacherous desires in Frances.

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