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First published in 2008, Terminal Freeze is the second novel in Jeremy Logan thriller science fiction series. It’s the sequel to Deep Storm. Written by American author Lincoln Child, the series depicts the exciting quests and investigations of Professor Jeremy Logan, a scientist well known for investigating odd and mysterious phenomenon. The book mixes the spectacular landscape of the Arctic, terror from a mythic creature, and a persistent vibes of chaos—and fear.

*Brief introduction to Lincoln Child's Jeremy Logan #2: Terminal Freeze*

The Wilderness Preservation Zone of Alaska is known as one of the most hazardous and inhospitable areas on Earth. However, the terrifying image of that place does not stop paleoecologist Evan Marshall from going there when he is offered a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity. He will join an expedition to the Zone that will do a research on the effects of climate change. In that quest, Marshall and his team discover a huge prehistoric beast enclosed in ice. The discovery has triggered some kind of fear in Marshall’s mind and the local villagers tell alarming stories about the creature. However, the sponsors of the expedition hear none of those warnings and order the team to retrieve the animal from the ice and show it on television. When the beast suddenly disappears, a horrifying terror now roams free.

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Author: Lincoln Child;
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Language: English;
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