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First published in 1990, Wings: The Third Book of the Nomes is the 3rd and final novel in The Bromeliad Trilogy, hilarious epic fantasy series written by the late English famous writer Terry Pratchett. The book is the final sequel to Truckers (1989) and Diggers (1990). The series describes an epic and hilarious adventure performed by a group of Nomes, race of tiny people who hide themselves among humans.

*(Brief introduction to Terry Pratchett's Bromeliad Trilogy #3: Wings )*

In Wings: The Third Book of the Nomes, the daring nome Masklin makes an outrageous journey with his friends. Following the direction and advice of The Thing, they leave their home The Quarry find something they have never seen before, a huge ship (or truck) that has big wings. It is said the ship is meant to take the nomes home, which kind of puzzling because Masklin and the other nomes does not really sure where there real home is.

Being upset after his girlfriend Grimma rejected his proposal and being curious in following the direction given by The Thing, Masklin takes his friends to board the huge ship with wings. The Thing says something about Concorde. Soon Masklin and friends embark in an amazing journey across the world they never know. They get to places like Florida and South America, and they meet other nomes that speak different languages. However, when The Thing loses all its power, Masklin faces another crisis as he wonders how he will ever get back to the Quarry and to Grimma.

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