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First published in 2012, The Third Gate is a science fiction thriller novel written by American author Lincoln Child. A sequel to Terminal Freeze, The book is the 3rd book in Child’s Jeremy Logan series. The series pictures the fascinating and often perilous quests of Jeremy Logan, a professor famous for investigating odd and mysterious phenomenon.

*Brief introduction to Lincoln Child's Jeremy Logan #3: The Third Gate*

Far into an almost impenetrable swamp, on the south of the Egyptian border, a team of archaeological expedition is looking for the hidden burial chamber of the mythical ancient Egypt Pharaoh, King Narmer. There is a prediction that King Narmer's crown has been buried with him: the mysterious “double” crown of the two Egypts. In the middle of the dreadful, bewildering trap of mud and dead plants, odd mysterious things start to happen. Does what people say about the Pharaoh’s curse actually exist? It’s a mystery only a genius like Jeremy Logan can solve. The brilliant historian and interpreter of inexplicable enigmas is called onto the project to investigate. His findings immediately raise alarming questions and immediate fear.

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Author: Lincoln Child;
Genre/Subject: Science Fiction Thriller;
Language: English;
PDF Pages: 270;
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