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In 2011, one after the publication of Matched, the second novel in the trilogy series was published under the title Crossed. The awesome series was written by American writer Allie Condie (Allyson Braithwaite Condie). The series presented a young-adult story wrapped in dystopian science-fiction theme. Like its prequel, the second book also got good reception. It reached #2 on the New York Times Bestseller list.

*(Brief introduction to Crossed by Ally Condie)*

In Crossed, Cassia is about to break the system of the Society. It’s a system in which each passion of everyone is calculated and ruled by the society, including people’s passion in the one they love and want to share their live with. The system of the society has decided that Cassia is supposed to be with Xander, but she believes differently. She has seen Ky in the “matching screen” and she has been trying to get to him. For this reason, the Society takes Ky away to face his certain death.

With many questions in her head and being driven by her passion, Cassia attempts to purse and save Ky. She leads herself into a thrilling quest that will deconstruct her view of her belief and the Society. In that quest she’ll come across a rebellion and a shocking betrayal. When she is “outside” of the Society, she sees everything in a new, different way. The system of the Society is a twisted web of lies. Underneath, there is rebel scheme boiling. And for Cassia, everything very possibly will be ruined because of a double-cross.

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