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First published in 2012, Reached is the third and final novel in the Matched Trilogy by American author Allie Condie. The book concludes the thrilling young adult dystopian story that has been preceded by the first two novels: Matched and Crossed. To wrap up the trilogy series, Condie decided to present the story from the points of view of three main characters: Cassia, Ky, and Xander. Like its prequels, the novel was also well-received by critics upon it publication and it has become an international bestseller.

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Cassia has decided to go against the totalitarian Society and try to disassemble the lies based on which their system is built. Her decision has made her separated from the one she loves and brought her to a force of revolution. After a desperate search, Cassia finally gets together with Ky—the love she chooses that doesn’t go along with the choice made by the Society.

However, the reunion of the young couple doesn’t last long. The rebellion group needs them to perform different missions to take down the Society. Cassia is sent to Central City on an undercover mission and Ky will go outside the borders. Meanwhile, Xander has become a medic, who keeps a big secret. Soon, the quiet underground rebellion will burst into full-blown uprising.

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