Beautiful Darkness Graphic Novel (Download PDF, CBR, Read Online)

Beautiful Darkness Graphic Novel PDF

Fabien Vehlmann & Beautiful Kerascoët: Darkness Graphic Novel (PDF, CBR, Read Online)

Beautiful Darkness Graphic Novel is a collaborative graphic novel by French comics writer Fabien Vehlmann and Kerascoët, comic artist couple Marie Pommepuy and Sébastien Cosset. It is an anti-fairy tale that presents a grim parable about enduring human experience. With dazzling and delicate watercolors artworks in illustrating the little pixies, Kerascoët portrays the darkness underlying Vehlmann's story. This combination makes Beautiful Darkness a disturbing glimpse into the tedious graciousness and hollow gentleness of civilized society.

*Brief introduction to Beautiful Darkness Graphic Novel*

The dead girl where the pixies used to live in
The story in Beautiful Darkness graphic novel centers on Aurora, an adventurous and resilient girl pixie. When the girl they used to live in dies in the woods, Aurora and her fellow pixies climb outside the body and have to face the wilderness.
Aurora helping the scissors lady
Aurora puts herself in leading the pack to survive, since they’re totally hopeless. Despite all Aurora’s hard work and dedication, she couldn’t prevent the seeds of destruction from growing in that group of pixies. Being too preoccupied with turning on each other, the pixies do not realize that something terrible is taking place.
The princess in Beautiful Darkness

Beautiful Darkness eBook Details

Writer: Fabien Vehlmann;
Artist: Kerascoët;
Genre/Subject: Graphic Novel;
Language: English;

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