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First published in 2010, Room is contemporary novel written by Irish-Canadian writer Emma Donoghue. The book is written based on the horrifying true story of Fritzl case, which shocked Austria and the rest of the world: a daughter being imprisoned in the basement for 24 years by her father, during which she suffered sexual abuse from him that resulted in the birth of 7 children. The story in Donoghue’s book is written in the perspective of the youngest kid. The book received numerous award nominations upon its publication. In 2015, a film adaptation was released and the star Brie Larson won the Academy Award for Best Actress. (Brief introduction to Emma Donoghue - Room PDF Download)

In Emma Donoghue - Room, readers will be taken to see the world through the perspective of Jack. In his view, the “Room” is the entire world. He was born and grew up there. With his Ma, he eats, sleeps, reads, learns, and plays. His Ma will hide him into safety in the wardrobe at nights, because usually Old Nick will come into the “room.”

Although for Jack, the “Room” his home and his world, for Ma it is a dungeon in which she has been imprisoned by Old Nick for 7 years. Ma’s strong love has made Jack survive and grow in that place. Ma realizes that the place is not enough and is not right for both of them. Driven by her motherly instinct, Ma prepares an escape plan. However, she doesn’t fully understand how dangerous it will be and how good their preparations really are.

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