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Rainbow Rowell - Fangirl is a contemporary young adult novel first published in 2013. Following its publication, the book has gained many positive responses, especially regarding how realistic and easy to relate to the book is. In a coming–of–age story, Rowell covers bits of many themes close to young adult life: friendship, family, love, humor, and the age of internet fandom.

The story in Rainbow Rowell - Fangirl focuses on the experience of a young girl named, Cath. She is a girl who has to grow up without a mother and has become a very introverted person. Although she is very successful as a fan-fiction author, personally she is very dependent on her twin sister, Wren. Opposite to Cath, Wren is a very outgoing girl and for many years, she has become the link between Cath and the outside/social world.

The situation changes when both girls move away from their house to enter college. They have decided to live separately. Without Wren around, Cath no longer has the crutch that used to support her in facing the world around her. The situation has demand her to grow stronger and bolder to face and reach out to her surrounding. She has to deal with rude roommate, a hyperactive guy, and her own anxiety.

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Author: Rainbow Rowell;
Genre/Subject: Contemporary Young Adult;
Language: English;
PDF Pages: 476;
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