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Bob Dylan in America is a comprehensive biography of one of the greatest music icons in America, Bob Dylan. First published in 2010, the book was written by Sean Wilentz. Aside from being a big fan that grew with Dylan’s music, Wilentz is a historian and a professor at Princeton. Seeing those facts, it’s not surprising that this particular biography digs deeper into the social and historical condition in America as the background of Dylan’s work, as a song writer and performer. Though many have been written about Bob Dylan, along with his music and lyrics, this biography still manages to presents a couple of surprises in that area.(Brief introduction to Sean Wilentz - Bob Dylan in America PDF eBook)*

Sean Wilentz has many to offer in his book Bob Dylan in America. He grew up in Greenwich Village, where he found Bob Dylan’s music as a young teenager. Nearly 50 years later, he is still a passionate fan but with the prowess of a prominent American historian. He now re-examines Bob Dylan’s songs and present them in a mixture of facts, analysis, and affinity.

The book starts with Dylan’s explosion onto American music scene in 1961. It tracks the progression and works Dylan makes in creating musical and literary works unique in our cultural history. Wilentz was granted exceptional access to Dylan’s recording tapes and notes, exclusive photographs, and other rare materials. With such arsenal, Wilentz is able to present a biography of Bob Dylan that is authentic and rich.

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